We believe in building a healthier, happier world and working together to create products that excite us. Our only rule: Do things that make ’em smile.

Adam Riggs-Zeigen

Chief Executive Officer

Derek Quackenbush

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Weiss

Chief Technology Officer

Raymond Chan

Chief Data Scientist

Marc Thrasher

VP of Music

Kelly Doran

Director of Marketing

Alden Webber

Senior UX/UI Designer

Alex Frangeti

Software Engineer

Viktor Jankov

Software Engineer

Colby Walsworth

System Administrator

Satomi Yuinawa

Visual Designer

David Hansen

Customer Support Specialist

Bryan Gula

Software Engineer

Kishore Arumugam

Data Analyst

Meghan Brohoski

Community Manager

Katie Addison

Content Creator

Joel Shopland

Content Creator

Austin Sefton

Software Engineer


We’re an eclectic mix of engineers, designers, marketers, data scientists, and music enthusiasts who believe no team is complete without a little fun and a lot of passion. We’re competitive, but not in a “trip-your-neighbor” kind of way. We like to move fast together.